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Belsire: synonym of elegance and style

Our shoes come from a decades-long experience. Every piece is born of the expert hands of people who do their work to create models destined to become jewels of style and elegance. Made in Italy expresses itself in the simplest and most efficient possible way. The art of manufacturing and its treatment of materials is something assimilated after years of hard work in the quest for perfection.

Our work is carried out in the most traditional possible way but looking at the future. Young and old generations wear shoes capable of keeping abreast of the times. Technology and advanced practices manage to blend perfectly with Neapolitan tradition. The difference is in the details. In fact, here at Belsire we firmly believe that details are our peculiar strength.

What is the thing that strikes a customer the most, when buying our shoes? It is surely their comfort, but first, its visual impact. That is our strength. The seams, the finishes, the model, the shade are the introduction of a shoe worn to test its fit. The hard work of our artisans is at the core of Belsire shoes’creation.

Modern Gentlemen and Stylish Ladies

Our Handmade Philosophy finds its highest expression in two simple words that fully embrace the concept of recalling tradition while looking to the future. Belsire’s brand name, in fact, is the contraction of “Bel Signore” meaning an elegant and sophisticated man. This imagery inevitably takes the mind back to a time when men would dress in a fashion more classic than today. That is the key point. Despite the changing of trends and tastes, we at Belsire manage to meet all kinds of style needs.

A man who likes to dress in a classic way will surely find the model suited to his own personality. A boy or any person who prefers to dress casual will as well find Belsire shoes up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. After all, the constant quest and the experience in the design field are at the core of our work. Finally, not only men, but also women will find appealing the exclusive Belsire models

A wide selection of boots, loafers and comfortable shoes will make all the women who love leather’s quality happy, allowing them to coordinate their shoes from casual to more formal clothing. Comfort is our mission. Our shoe will have a perfect fit since day one. It will not be necessary to walk for miles in order for the foot to adapt to it. Since the day of a its purchase, Belsire shoes will give you the exclusive elegance of an accessory created using the best materials. Stylish Ladies is the ideal description of women capable of completely expressing their personality in style.

Top-quality skins, talent, passion and... savoir faire

At the core of our entrepreneurial background there are few but simple ingredients. There is no need to beat around the bush or to employ majestic things to achieve unique and exclusive products. We carefully select the raw materials we use in order to achieve as a result a shoe comfortable from day one. In fact, our shoes can claim a great Made in Italy artisanship that can match the most famous luxury brands.

We choose excellent skins with the utmost rigour, aiming at extraordinary softness. Details that make a difference are in every element that concurs to assemble the shoe. The upper, for example, is hand-dabbed. The sole has important characteristics such as the internal rounded heel, the cork middle sole, the covered seam and the dyeing by hand. Finally, the insole is soft and covers the whole foot’s length.

With such characteristics, one can only think of Belsire shoes in terms of a work of art. It blends the finest elements of a classic style, which is at the same time highly contemporary and distinctive. The combination of passion and Neapolitan culture defines our brand’s approach, which aims to meet the needs of a large customer segment in search of comfort and elegance.

The vision of our Business model

Belsire'brand is capable of combining tradition, quality and style with an effective entrepreneurial action. Despite this long list of qualities, our shoes have not such an exclusive price that they only cater to a certain kind of customer. What we are keen to highlight here is the selection of premium shoes sold at less than half their price value. That is exaclty what we mean when we talk about recalling tradition while looking to the future.

Shoes’ retail goes beyond traditional sales’ channels. In fact, we make use of small shops, which are capable of including the cream of traditional artisanal shoemaking. The future, on the other hand, is the possibility of finding our shoes both online and offline. The omni-channel approach represents indeed the innovative aspect of our business. In this way, it is possible to cut all intermediary costs, thus ultimately benefiting the customer, who will enjoy a genuine Made in Italy product anywhere in the world.

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