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There’s no fun in the usual things, there's no fun in the ordinary.
The most exciting situation is when it is enriched with thoughtful details. 
An occasion can make you quiver
when it evokes eternal traditions and savoir-faire.
Every moment, every gesture is exalted in the new Formality..
We do not stick to traditions, we choose
We do not repeat empty gestures, we reinvent them with our soul.
We do not do what we are told, we choose using our own taste.
This is not an ordinary brand, it is a personality brand,
which reinterprets the classic look in a contemporary way for the Modern Gentleman.




Belsire is a brand that reinterprets the two main male accessories, the shoe and tie, which are conceived for the Modern Gentleman with an elegant contemporary flair.

The shoe and tie are the male accessories that can best express the man’s personal style. The focus is the Modern Gentleman in the various moments of his life at work or on the weekend.

Elegance and a strong personality, combined with the desire to stand out and wear sophisticated products are the constant of our Man. Our collections emphasize two things: quality and Italian creativity. 


Our Style Office, coordinated by Diego D’Angelo,is constantly looking for materials,studying new forms,and creating exclusive designs meant for the Modern Gentleman who has unique and contemporary taste.

Our ties are certainly elegant but with a more modern cut, lighter than traditional ties. Our shoes are designed for casual or formal settings never neglecting comfort. Everything is done with great quality and Italian passion! 


Belsire Club

Taking part of a community that celebrates the present with reinvented rituals. A community that enhances the everyday with its attention to details.
It’s not only the way you dress. It’s not to be conservative. It’s not superficiality and esthetics. It’s not extravagance or arrogance.

The Modern Gentleman has its own unique style, he knows how to choose and use products and brands with a sty and mix them with new ones. He finds the time to enjoy the details and the small pleasures of life that merge together the people in his world. 



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